Why Nutrition?

I work very closely with my clients on a weekly basis to help them to keep on track, which ensures that by the end of the programme they will have a sound understanding of how to maintain a healthy diet without any help from me.

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Nutrition and lifestyle habits are just as important as training. You can’t out train a bad diet!
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  • Keeping you on track and focused

    I will guide you step by step to ensure you stick to your carefully crafted plan.

  • You will see results in the mirror

    A good diet means good results. With my guidance, you won't recognise your own reflection!

  • Unlimited online support

    No need to search for mixed and unreliable nutritional information! I provide help and advice straight to your inbox!

  • Help, support and motivation

    You're not alone in your quest for a healthier you!



I read a flyer that had put on my windscreen — it said ' you only have one body look after it' and the message hit home. Having joined a gym then a Leisure Centre and had not been to either within 6...


As somebody who exercises on a frequent basis, usually long distance running, I was getting bored of my regular routine. I felt I needed a personal trainer to help to motivate me beyond what I was cap...


I had lost my motivation to stay fit and healthy, and over the years the pounds had crept up on me. I knew I needed help to get on the wagon again and I could not seem to do this on my own. When I saw...


Here is what Carolyn has to say" After i had turn 40, my body shape was not keeping the shape and the tone even thou i am a regular runner. I really dislike gyms, they smell, have horribly loud music...

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