We want you to feel positive about your work outs so we will train you in the comfort of your own home, at your place of work, or at the park. It's totally up to you.

Training sessions are dynamic and challenging, whilst still being fun, and will ultimately help you to get the results you want.

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When attempting to achieve a goal or to change lifestyle habits, there will always be challenges to face. But there is no need to worry! Inspired fitness will be there to support and motivate you all the way.
  • Personal Treatment

    We take the time to understand you and your lifestyle

  • Fitting in Around You

    We can run training sessions wherever you feel the most comfortable and at a time that suits you

  • Motivation

    We will work hard to motivate you with each step of your training and will keep in touch all the way

  • Guaranteed Change

    Be happy with what you see in the mirror and find confidence in yourself once again



I had lost my motivation to stay fit and healthy, and over the years the pounds had crept up on me. I knew I needed help to get on the wagon again and I could not seem to do this on my own. When I saw...


I read a flyer that had put on my windscreen — it said ' you only have one body look after it' and the message hit home. Having joined a gym then a Leisure Centre and had not been to either within 6...


Here is what Carolyn has to say" After i had turn 40, my body shape was not keeping the shape and the tone even thou i am a regular runner. I really dislike gyms, they smell, have horribly loud music...


I had tried various diets and going to the gym and nothing seemed to work. Since I have been training with Inspired Fitness I have lost 11 kilos, Within a month I was wearing shirts I had not worn for...

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