Throughout my 20s I was so bad at ensuring I got enough sleep.  I would always stay up late at night and hardly slept at the weekends. The next day i would always want to eat more food, especially carbs or sugar. Now i always make sure I have 8 hours and here is the reason why…

Firstly, I find I am a lot more productive with what I am doing, but also I have more mental clarity to make sure I make healthy choices and I have enough energy at the end of the day to cook something healthy instead of thinking oh that will do or even getting a takeaway. Yes, we have all done this!

Secondly have you noticed when you are tired you feel more hungry? The reason for this is the hormone balance that impacts your hunger and fullness is out of sink. The hormone Ghrelin is over produced which means you will feel more hungry, and the hormone Leptin that controls our fullness plummets when you are sleep deprived so you are going to eat more.

Here a few tips to help you get to sleep

1. Try and not drink caffeine after 4 clock in the afternoon

2. Don’t look at your phone, iPad, or tele for the last hour so your body is natural going to relax.

Ladies of South West London , make sure you are sleeping your 8 hours a night you will be lighter on the scales.



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