I am at a time in my life where all my friends are either getting married or having babies, so you can imagine what they look like, or to be more precise, its all about what the scales say! I have weekly conversations with them and they are starving themselves, maybe not eating breakfast or lunch and just having something to eat at dinner. My one friend told me she is eating as little as 700 calories a day just so she is at that certain weight for her wedding day.

It so sad to hear what they are doing to themselves but I can relate to it so much as that’s how I used to be for many years in my 20’s. As long as the scales said a certain amount I didn’t care if I wasn’t eating and feeding my body properly.

I think one of the main problems is how us women think about food and the relationship we have with it. It can be very emotional and when we may be feeling very low, For example  if we had a fall out with a boyfriend, not feeling that great, time of the month, or just too much stress at work. Women will turn to food or chocolate to make themselves feel better, but not long after we have had the takeaway or chocolate we feel such guilt about it and why oh why have i done that.

I would then beat myself up about it and feel guilt about it for days and would then not eat and starve myself thinking about all the calories i had eaten, little did i know how wrong that was and how i was actually harming my body.

You may be reading this thinking why surely if i do not eat it is the best way to lose weight. But no it is the worse way possible and the reason for that is, everyone has their own basic metabolic rate (BMR) which is your daily energy expenditure in calories without any contribution from exercise or digestion and everyones is different. By not eating or cutting your calories down you actually slow down your BMR , and your body will start breaking down the muscle to feed itself, which is going make your metabolism even slower.

Women need to try and think about things differently about losing weight dont worry what the scales says. Go on how your clothes feel or how you look in the mirror! You want that body looking super sexy toned and hot, well this is what you need to do

start going to the gym and  start lifting weights not only would you  tone, tighten your body,  You will have increased more muscle mass  making you look sexier but the more muscle you   have, the higher your BMR will be .  Yes you read it right the more muscle you have the more fat you burn , no need to starve yourself! Woohoo !

Im not going lie to you its taken me quite a few years to educate myself that this does work. If i have a bad day like all us women do and i over eat or eat way too much chocolate which does happen or i go out and eat way too much pizza, instead of beating myself up and starving myself for days. I will go the gym do a heavy weight session and burn it off but more importantly i carry on eating how many calories i need to be and not starve myself.

So any women who are reading this starving yourself is not the answer, please take care of your bodies. Any questions please do drop me an email or tweet @inspiredfitnes2



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