Just think about when you go food shopping at the supermarket and what is by the tills.  Sweets, cakes and chocolate! Even when you go clothes shopping, most big retails stores now have sweets at the till points where you are waiting to pay.

When you go and buy your coffee, you are bombarded with the amount of biscuits and naughty cakes on offer. This is what I call obvious sugar.

Sugar is hidden in most food and even drinks. I have my younger brother staying with me at the moment so he eats for breakfast the ready made cereal bars, I have just checked the label to see the sugar amount in one of the bars, so in a 42g bar there is 13.9grams of sugar, you may think ok that is not bad but i am going break it down for you even more there is 197 kcal’s in the breakfast bar so sugar makes you 56 calories of that is made up of sugar so 1/4 of the bar is sugar.

What is the daily amount of sugar you should be eating? Well i have read up and it varies but between 25-30 grams for a women that is only 100 kcal’s or 6 teaspoons of sugar. How many of you reading this had sugar to your tea and coffee? Or how many of you drink fizzy drinks?

Even if you just drank 1 can of coke a day that is 140 calories of sugar, over a week you are just drinking over 1000 calories just in sugar.

What do you think happens to all that sugar? Turns it to fat, Yes if the body doesn’t need it for energy it will just break it down and store it as fat, now you can see why it is so easily to put weight on or not lose it as sugar is hidden everywhere and we start off so young eating it, think about what children eat cereals, coco pops,  special k you go and check how much sugar is in them its full of it.

Do you buy low fat or reduced fat products? Guess what yes they are full of sugar as well.

I read in the news a few weeks ago they want to introduce a sugar tax and the measures they are going to do is reduce added sugar in food by 40% by 2020.

Ban all form of targeted marketing of ultra processed, unhealthy foods and drinks to children.

Limit the availability of ultra processed foods and sweetened soft drinks as well as reducing portion sizes.

Introduce a sugar tax to incentivise healthier food  .

This is amazing but still 2020 is 5 years away such a long time in my eyes, so what can you do in the meantime, here are a few tips to reduce the amount of sugar you are eating

1. Cut out fizzy drinks and drink water

2. Cut out sugar in tea & coffee

3. Cook and prepare your own food so you know what is going into it.

4. Dont buy low fat/reduced fat products buy full fat for example full fat greek yogurts.

5. Check the labels to see how much sugar is in the products you are going to buy.




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