I just love this time of year ,everywhere looking beautiful with all the christmas lights and decorations. The Atmosphere and energy on the run up to christmas is just amazing everyone is just in such a good mood and why not with all the parties, spending time with the family and letting your hair down, however this time of year is when most people will gain a few pounds and it can take months after to shift the weight.

Here are some tips on the run up to christmas and tips on christmas day to help you stay trimmer over the festive season.

Run up to Christmas

1.When your out christmas shopping why not walk instead of driving,in the shops walk up and down all the stairs instead of getting the escalators or lifts.On the way home get off a few bus stops or walk the whole way home you be surprised how many calories your burn carrying all the christmas presents.

2.Beware of eating the chocolates lay around the office 6 quality streets a day is 264 calories. Now you think that may be not much but you just ate 6 sweets a day for 3 weeks in December. That is 1 pound you have already gained.

3.Do you have to bring food in for a christmas buffet at work, Instead of chocolate, cakes or crisps, why not change them to Unsalted whole nuts, fruits, or Rice cakes with avcado make a great alternative to crisps.

4.It is a great time to go out with your friends or work colleagues and enjoy the christmas parties. Beware of how much you are drinking as alcohol is full of calories. The average glass of white wine is 250 calories apx , why not change it to Gin & Slim line Tonic or Vodka Slim Tonic this is around 70 calories.

5.When your out get on the dance floor and shake your body, Dancing is a fun and fabulous way to burn some calories.

6. Do you 10,000 steps everyday, get off a tube or bus stop earlier and walk. Walk to work, or go for a walk on your lunch break. Do anything to get moving more and burn more calories before you even notice you have gained a few pounds.

Christmas Day

1.When i go home my mum loves to put the snacks out before the christmas dinner, a healthy option is unsalted nuts, hummus with carrots and cucumber.

2.Roast Potatoes Instead of cooking them in Goose Fat, cook them in extra
Olive Oil. Why not half the roast potatoes you would normal cook and cook some Sweet Potatoes
3. Do your 10,000 steps on christmas day and boxing day. You could start the morning off with a walk or wait until the afternoon, i have done this for years and i then dont feel as bad for all the food i eat.

Hope this Tips have given you a few ideas . Any questions please email me or tweet me @inspiredfitness2 .

Hope you all have a wonderful December and Merry Christmas


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