When I look in the mirror I am happy with what I see


I had tried various diets and going to the gym and nothing seemed to work. Since I have been training with Inspired Fitness I have lost 11 kilos, Within a month I was wearing shirts I had not worn for 2 years. I feel a lot stronger fitter and healthier. When I look in the mirror I am happy with what I see. The motivation and encourage to push me to my limits, at times I think I cant do that but with encourage from becki I surprise myself. Training is always different which makes it fun to work out. You wont regret it at all, it is the best decision I have made, I am a happier more confident person than I every was.

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My clothes are looser and I have gone down a whole dress size!


I read a flyer that had put on my windscreen — it said ' you only have one body look after it' and the message hit home. Having joined a gym then a Leisure Centre and had not been to either within 6 months of joining I decided something new had to be tried! I have lost inches and I have more energy — my clothes are looser and I have gone down a dress size! Give it a go - the impact on our family has been significant as the fitness training has led to other changes in overall diet and health awareness - look after yourself and make time for yourself-you are worth it.

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I have lost 16 lbs and feel so much healthier!


I had lost my motivation to stay fit and healthy, and over the years the pounds had crept up on me. I knew I needed help to get on the wagon again and I could not seem to do this on my own. When I saw the ad I thought: "OK, I'll try that." My motivation has remained high throughout the six months I have been training . I have lost 16 lbs and feel so much healthier. When you are overweight you can get depressed, so you don't care so much about what fuel you put into your body. It's a vicious cycle. Now I always eat healthy meals, and if I have the occasional lapse it doesn't matter because I know I can easily get back on track. I feel better and my fitness gives me so much more energy in all sorts of things I do during the day. I don't get tired so easily because my muscles are stronger. I look better and I feel better.

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Becki has shown me new fun ways of exercising


As somebody who exercises on a frequent basis, usually long distance running, I was getting bored of my regular routine. I felt I needed a personal trainer to help to motivate me beyond what I was capable of doing myself. I needed somebody who would introduce me to new fun ways of exercising and Becki ticked all of these boxes. Since training together my strength and fitness has changed far beyond what i was capable of doing by myself. My long distance running times have decreased substantially and I have lost nearly two stone. My body is now more lean and toned. Excellent results. I have had personal trainers in the past who have repeated the same exercises each session causing boredom to soon sink in. Becki's sessions are different every time, meaning I never get bored and I look forward to each session. They are a full body work out, increasing my cardio stamina and toning muscles I never new I had. Becki also encourages healthy eating and gives tips and encouragement during the sessions on nutrition which are really useful. I think using Becki as a personal trainer was the best decision I made about my fitness. Becki is very knowledgable about all aspects of fitness and she encourages me to be the best I can be.

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Client's Slogan here


Here is what Carolyn has to say" After i had turn 40, my body shape was not keeping the shape and the tone even thou i am a regular runner. I really dislike gyms, they smell, have horribly loud music on and too many sweaty muscle guys Just Horrible! Plus they are so boring! Since training With Becki "my body shape has changed back to what it has been in the past. My body has toned up. I have become stronger. I am wearing a bikini again and it feels great. I no longer feel like I have a mum body. I feel great in my body again. My husband regularly comments on how my body shape has changed since working with you."

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